Fedora Board - November 2011

Election Closed voting ended 10 years ago

It is time the next round of Fedora Board elections to take place. The Fedora Board currently appoints 4 of its 9 seats, and elects 5 of the 9, on a rotating basis. In this election, we're voting for 2 seats for a full two-release term.

More Information about this election

To vote in this election you must be a member of any one of the following groups:

  • cla_done


Candidate Votes Voters per candidate Average votes per candidate
Jaroslav Reznik (FAS: jreznik, IRC: jreznik) Elected 638 194 3.288659793814433
Christoph Wickert (FAS: cwickert, IRC: cwickert) Elected 557 169 3.2958579881656807
Larry Cafiero (FAS: lcafiero, IRC: lcafiero) 334 125 2.672
Robert 'Bob' Jensen (FAS: bjensen, IRC: EvilBob) 228 89 2.561797752808989

Some statistics about this election

  • The Fedora Board - November 2011 election had 2 seats open for election .
  • A total of 244 voters participated in this election, casting 577 votes.
  • The maximum number of votes possible was 976

Evolution of the number of voters during this election