Fedora 18 Release Name

Election Closed voting ended 10 years ago

This ballot is for the selection of the release name for Fedora 18. To read more about the proposed names, and the relationship rules for Fedora release names, click 'More information' below. This cycle, we're also holding a separate poll to see if we should continue to have release names in the future. Please fill out that out as well under the election entry: "Poll: Keep release names?"

More Information about this election

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  • anycla


Candidate Votes Voters per candidate Average votes per candidate
Spherical Cow Elected 1359 234 5.8076923076923075
Halva 1087 210 5.1761904761904765
Chamoy 1072 204 5.254901960784314
Pamukkale 1035 201 5.149253731343284
Tandoori Chicken 964 193 4.994818652849741
Frankfurter 930 182 5.1098901098901095
Pop Soda 821 167 4.916167664670659
Ketchy Ketchup 536 117 4.581196581196581

Some statistics about this election

  • The Fedora 18 Release Name election had 1 seats open for election .
  • A total of 429 voters participated in this election, casting 1508 votes.
  • The maximum number of votes possible was 3432

Evolution of the number of voters during this election