FESCo - June 2011

Election Closed voting ended 8 years ago

FESCo handles the process of accepting new features, the acceptance of new packaging sponsors, SIGs and SIG Oversight, the packaging process, handling and enforcement of maintainer issues and other technical matters related to the distribution and its construction. This election FESCo will be electing 5 people. You may want to visit the nominations page at: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Development/SteeringCommittee/Nominations or the questionnaire page at: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F16_elections_questionnaire#FESCo

More Information about this election

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  • anycla


Candidate Votes Voters per candidate Average votes per candidate
Kevin Fenzi (nirik) Elected 1120 162 6.91358024691
Bill Nottingham (notting) Elected 1020 159 6.41509433962
Tomáš Mráz (t8m) Elected 764 127 6.0157480315
Peter Jones (pjones) Elected 699 130 5.37692307692
Stephen Gallagher (sgallagh) Elected 567 110 5.15454545455
Kyle McMartin (kylem) 535 104 5.14423076923
Justin Forbes (jforbes) 480 98 4.89795918367
Iain Arnell (iarnell) 398 85 4.68235294118

Some statistics about this election

  • The FESCo - June 2011 election had 5 seats open for election .
  • A total of 200 voters participated in this election, casting 975 votes.
  • The maximum number of votes possible was 1600

Evolution of the number of voters during this election